Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sprout with the Wiggles!!

Our house, somehow, became big fans of The Wiggles. I'm not even sure how it happened because the teeny little cable company at the old house didn't even offer whatever channel The Wiggles are on. I've got dvds, vhs tapes, Boug's been to see the live show and that octopus guy is floating around our house somewhere.

I have to admit, I've caught myself singing along with so many of the songs... not only while they're on, but even if something triggers a Wiggles song to pop into my head.
Now that we've moved, we have so many new channels available to us and I know where I'll be finding The Wiggles for the kids. Sprout is going to be the new, exclusive U.S. home of those four rockin', sing-songin' guys!! Its so awesome that The Wiggles have teamed up with Sprout because with The Wiggles being the number one preschool entertainers, and Sprout being the the first 24 hour preschool tv destination, it seems like a match made in heaven!

Over at facebook, you can even enter into the Wigglemania contest for a chance to enter to win a Nintendo Wii! Hurry up cause I just realized there's only about 2 hours left to enter!!

Don't let your Wigglemania end with Sprout and the contest, of course you can pick up your favorite Wiggles dvd and let the kids jam out any time that they'd like! Boug's been able to add "The Wiggles present Dorothy the Dinosaur's Memory Book" to her collection and thank goodness too, cause Dorothy is probably her favorite character from The Wiggles (shh... don't tell the guys...) Dorothy's Memory Book is loaded with songs like "Lettuce Sing (Fresh Fruit and Veggies)", "Say Aah at the Doctors," and many more!!

This post was written as part of a program for Family Review Network and Sprout Television, who provided the DVD for review.


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