Monday, October 19, 2009

Bring Furbabies Into Your Heart

Though there's probably a million reasons that I wish we owned our own home, adopting a new pet is definitely one of them. The landlord here didn't really even want us to have our cat, but we talked them into it. The kids love their kitty and adding to the furbabies in the house would be something that they would just love. When we got my very first cat when I was no more than 13, we adopted the "Ever-Lovely Miss Violet May" from the aspca. We didn't have a computer at the time and we didn't know what resources were available. is making it easy for you to adopt a pet with their real time, searchable database for homeless pets. Instead of dishing out hundreds of dollars for a dog or a cat, you can always adopt an animal that has no home or family to call its own. Those are always the animals that would genuinely love to be a part of a family. makes it easy to search for these sweet animals by your zip code, so you can narrow down your choices to what you're looking for. Cat? Dog? Puppy? Kitten? You can even search "Other Pets" for other animal choices... I searched other pets in my area and six of the most beautiful horses came up. I wish I had a farm and a field of my own for these guys... There were even 120 dogs in my area, my heart breaks for them and like I said, I wish I had a home of my own so I could make a difference in just one's life. But what is even more heartbreaking to me, there are 703 cats in my area that need some lovin's... 703!! That's ridiculous!! (people PLEASE spay and neuter your animals!!)

Browse - Adopt a cat! and all the other furbabies that you can adopt in your area!!



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