Thursday, March 19, 2009

Play & Learn Spoon from Baby Human

Lil' Buddy is 7 months old TODAY... like every parent, I tend to think that my child is a genius and especially thought so when I saw him with his new Baby Human Play & Learn spoon, mimicking me while feeding him his lunch.The Play & Learn spoon has an awesome curve to it that gets the baby's natural motion to get the spoon to the mouth. Its double sided so its great for both left and right handed babies!! One of the most most eye catching points though, is the fact that this super cool spoon has a gag guard!! No more babies gagging themselves with a regular spoon!! I love that!!

And of course, its BPA free, phthalate free and lead free!! Its durable and flexible at the same time, and since Lil' Buddy is teething, he's been gnawing on the Play & Learn spoon almost non-stop!!

On the toy "side" of the Play & Learn spoon... I was fencing with him, he had one, I had the other and were playing around and I was pretending to fence with him (silly Mommy!) and the laughter coming out of this boy was infectious!

Baby Human products were developed by Kimberly Kirkup to combine smart design with function and be used by children of all ablities. Kimberly is a single working mother of an autistic son. Not only that, she's a 20 year military veteran!

So hat's off to you Kimberly, you've done a fabulous job (in all aspects) and we thank you for it!

Want your own Baby Human Play & Learn spoon? Head on over to Baby Human's website and pick a set up, at only $8.99 for a 2 pack, its definitely affordable, funtional and fun!

Big thanks to the Family Review Network for making this review possible!!


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