Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh How Clever!!

I adore childrens clothing, sometimes much more than the clothing that I own for myself! Stuff is so cute these days and just keeps getting cuter and cuter!! And clothing is getting smarter and safer and quality is not being sacrificed!

Clever Rabbit Clothing is some of the most adorable shirts, onesies, thermals, hats and more, that I've ever seen. And the name "Clever" is so fitting!! With shirt logos like "Louis Spitton" and "Gucci Coo" that play on some of the biggest designers out there!! I always say that my kids are dressed better than I am, and even in a casual shirt and sweats, they always look better than me!! We got the "Calvin Whine" lap tee for Lil' Buddy and its just so fitting for him, the little whining, fussing mama's boy that he is.
Clever Rabbit Clothing doesn't sell you cheapy clothes that wont hold up, I was so happy when I opened the package- the shirt was so thick and you can tell that they don't scrimp on quality at all! With sizes from 3-6 months all the way up to 18-24 months, there's quite a variety of sizes available to go along with the variety of themes for each item!! Each design for the clothing is screen printed by hand, in a sweatshop free environment- even the labels!!

I'm really happy to have found Clever Rabbit Clothing and the prices are really good!! And don't forget to check out the sale items for even more of a bargain!!

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