Friday, March 13, 2009

Kid-Approved Meals

If you know me at all, when it comes to cooking you know that I think convenience is KEY... But right along with convenience comes healthy, kid friendly, whole family can eat type foods!!
I was able to grab up from The Menu Mom, 13 Weeks of Kid-Approved Meals! Oh, how this takes so much work out of my day. With week by week menu planning followed by a shopping list, I'm in heaven!! I have tried in the past, my best to do something very similar, without much success, but this makes it so simple for my scatterbrain!! 5 days a week of no thinking about breakfast and lunch ideas? I love it! I simply love it!!

If you're apprehensive of the Kid-Approved Meals e-book, you can sign up for the newsletter to check out the free recipe samples that get sent out with it. Then make your decision, but don't wait too long, right now you'll get 2 bonus e-books- the Weekend Family Brunch recipe e-book and the Fun With Food e-book!!

Don't forget to check out The Menu Mom's blog for more recipes and great ideas!!


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