Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Love North Star Toys!!

I totally adore imaginative play for my kiddos, and I love that Boug would rather make up little games with little toys than sit in front of the tv for hours and hours. Now with Lil' Buddy becoming more and more playful, I'm so happy to get him started playing with REAL toys, versus sitting with a baby DVD or something.

North Star Toys sent me the Happy Hybrid and we were so excited! Lil' Buddy keeps rolling it and yelling at his sister to push it back to him cause its gone too far! He snatches the little colorful people out of it and like every 6 month old would... shoves them in his mouth, but I don't fret... North Star Toys is CPSIA compliant and the little people pass the choke tube test for small objects! Not enough people in the Happy Hybrid for your little one? Kiddo learning to count higher and higher? Upgrade to the Rainbow People Mover with 10 colorful passengers to count!!How perfect would the Baby's First Toy 3 ring rattle and the Baby's First Animals Collection be for a baby shower gift? I also personally adore the Gnome set, camera, and the Roadster especially. Boug had her little eyes over my shoulder and she immedietly spotted the Magic Wand!

The family behind North Star Toys has been making fabulous, functional, beautiful wooden toys since 1979 and the prices are so affordable. I couldn't agree more with the folks at North Star Toys when they say that "children deserve beautiful, functional toys" and North Star Toys has nailed it! Not only have they mastered making some of the most amazing toys, they have done it all while being green... They are Green America approved for people and planet!

I love responsible companies, I love family companies and I love companies that I can be proud to have my children associate with. I love North Star Toys and I'm looking forward to shopping North Star Toys more often!!

Head over to North Star Toys and browse, I'm sure you'll find something so sweet for someone that you care about!!


kado! March 11, 2009 at 9:01 AM  

that toy is adorable! I'd love to check that site out!

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