Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm Such A Sap.

I don't sleep much. I probably fall asleep between 2 and 3 am most nights (mornings) and then am up by 9 am with the kids. From about 10 pm through 2 am is the only alone time I get most days, and I spend it cleaning up a bit around the house without having to beg anyone to help me or making a mess behind me. I sit here at the computer and check out the blogosphere. I write here. I snack (shhh...). But its just nice, because I'm ALONE. By 2 or 3 I'm ready to fall asleep, but sometimes I catch something on tv that just isn't able to be passed by. Sometimes its a funny show. Sometimes its a stupid show, but I get wrapped up into it... can anyone say late night VH1? Sometimes there's a movie on that I've never seen before and I get all caught up in watching it. But sometimes, there's a movie on that I've seen probably a million times, yet I stay up and watch it again anyways.

That was me last night. I'm running on empty today because I not only sat up and watched "I Am Sam" but I sat up, and watched "I Am Sam" and cried and cried and cried. Sean Penn is amazing and Dakota Fanning is such a great little actress at the young age that she is in that movie. There are only 2 movies that I will sit and cry, pretty much the whole way through no matter what and its "I Am Sam" and "The Notebook." Which got me thinking, I can't be the only one who has those movies, that no matter how many times they've seen it, they'll watch again and again.

Which movies will you watch over and over and over?? And if you'd like to divulge, which movies make you cry EVERY time??


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