Sunday, September 12, 2010

We'll Never Forget

9/11, Patriot Day, or whatever you feel the need to call it, is a day that none of us should ever forget about. Its part of the aweful that ends up in history books. An event that will be taught in schools for what I feel will be forever.

Living 2 hours north of NYC, left us in an odd place. And I'm sure those who lived all over the country, and the world, felt some similar feelings. Knowing that someone, a group of people, wanted to harm us to this extent was shocking. The visuals, the words, the pain, the shock.

We can't forget the people who lost their lives because they showed up for work that day. No matter what their job title was. We can't forget those who gave their lives that day, simply because their job title was firefighter, police, emt and more.

We won't forget. We CANT forget.


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