Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back into another routine...

So we're a week into the school year. We're settling back into, yet again, another routine.

It seemed like yesterday I was sending Boug off to kindergarten and here we are now, in the beginning of first grade. We just got into our summer routine it seemed, and now we have to get back into the school days routine.

Things are crazy. I'm still not settled into the new place. I'm still not settled into being me, alone. I'm not settled on keeping my pretend happy face on. I'm not settled into all of this chaos that my life has become, and now to add another thing onto that, its hard.

I ask for help. How do I make this additional routine easier on top of all the other crap I have going on in my life, in my own head??


lfhpueblo September 17, 2010 at 12:43 AM  

Wish I knew. Is there another mom nearby that has a child in your class that can take your first grader to school sometimes for you?
I know the kids bringing home homework from school can get overwhelming sometimes too, but I always found it best to get it done straight away after they come home before anything else. That way dinner and after dinner can be a bit more relaxed. I'd also get Friday homework done on Friday, so the weekend can truly be free of it all. Don't over sign up for school functions needing volunteers if you already have too much going on. Don't enroll your child in extracurricular activities after school this year if it's all too much. Make sure you, yourself eat regular healthy meals so you don't get more worn down. Take some vitamins and minerals, and maybe probiotics in juice or yogurt, to try to keep the virus' from invading you, because your little first grader will be bringing these back home from school.
Otherwise I really don't know what to tell you. Get a day planner and plan out each week ahead and be adaptable if possible to change, because it happens.

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