Friday, September 24, 2010

30 Days of Truth. Day 9.

To go along with all this self-support, I've found a few friends participating in the 30 Days of Truth and I think it could be quite beneficial to me to participate as well. I think it'll let me in on who I am, and it'll be a bit of self discovery. You can find the daily questions over at Angel Believes.

Day 9:
Someone You Didn't Want To Let Go, But Just Drifted.

I absolutely didn't want to let my husband go, but at one point you realize that its all too far gone. Its drifted too far. The "us" had been ignored for too long and it was all beyond repair. I knew that this was the point where I had to let go, where I had to move on, because my idea of a forever happy family wasn't going to happen from the standpoint we wound up at.


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