Sunday, September 26, 2010

30 Days of Truth. Day 11.

To go along with all this self-support, I've found a few friends participating in the 30 Days of Truth and I think it could be quite beneficial to me to participate as well. I think it'll let me in on who I am, and it'll be a bit of self discovery. You can find the daily questions over at Angel Believes.

Day 11:
Something People Seem To Compliment You The Most On

As odd as it sounds, I seem to dismiss lots of compliments. I know they exist and I know I receive them, but I seem to overlook them and think nothing of them. There's only a few that seem to stick out and that's the compliments that I get on my makeup, which is generally minimal. Then there's the real compliments, ones from wonderful friends who have my back and remind me constantly of how strong I actually am and how much they love me. I'd be lost without those compliments and they are the ones that really matter.


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