Tuesday, September 28, 2010

30 Days of Truth. Day 13.

To go along with all this self-support, I've found a few friends participating in the 30 Days of Truth and I think it could be quite beneficial to me to participate as well. I think it'll let me in on who I am, and it'll be a bit of self discovery. You can find the daily questions over at Angel Believes.

Day 13:
A Band or Artist That Has Gotten You Through Some Tough Ass Days (write a letter)

This one is ridiculously hard!!

Dear Guster,
You were always "our" band. And even though the marriage has dissolved, I'll always hold a very special place in my heart for you. The night early on in the relationship when my ex went to rehab, I listened to LAGF over and over, the album was on repeat overnight. When my daughter was born, she spent days listening to you, and hearing you in the background over her crying kept my sanity. I love how as she got older, she always knew all the words to the songs that we would sing, and we would dance together. For a bit, I wasn't able to even listen to you though. I mean, you were "OUR" band. Your songs were "OUR" songs. When everything began to go downhill, I had to put you on pause. But now your songs mean something different to me, they're insightful and happy, they're memories of fabulous days, and even though those days are gone, I can look back and see that they at least once existed, that I at least experienced what my marriage was. The saddest thing of it all though, was one of the very last things that my ex-husband and I did as a couple was see your fabulous show at the Beacon Theater in NYC last November. Looking back, it was bittersweet. I'll always treasure that night, sitting there with him, the aocoustic set at the end was so wonderful it brought me chills, and being there with him meant the world to me. That was us. I thank you for taking the ride with us.

Much love,


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