Monday, May 31, 2010

Toy Shopping Online

With the kids birthdays both coming up this summer, one in July and one in August, I'm starting to shop around for great toys for gifts for them. There are so many places to shop online and I love some of the great selections that the stores have.

I know the kids love the character branded toys and the stuff that tends to be "hot" right now, but besides that, I love to find them kids toys that are not only fun for them, but are educational too. There's too much out there that doesn't tap into their educational side or their creative play side. I've been checking out and their selection of great educational kids toys. There really is so much there that I know both Boug and Lil' Buddy would adore. I know that the science kits are something that Boug would love, especially the Butterfly science kit. She would have such a blast learning all about butterflies, casting them and then painting the different varieties.

Lil' Buddy is such a different story. Educational toys for the little guy is different since he'll only be two this summer. Two year old educational toys tap into a whole different area of play, so different from the stage that Boug is at. Toys like the Melissa & Doug magnetic dinosaur set is so something that he could play with, have fun with, all while learning about dinosaurs! is great because they also carry kids furniture and make it easy to search the site by age, brand or even category of products. I love that they have a whole selection of clearance items, because I always love to find a stellar bargain. Another huge perk to me, they accept paypal payments, which makes purchases so much easier to make. No needing to pull out my credit card or worry about security!


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