Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I feel like I'm cheating on my diet...

Yes, I've been dieting. I've been putting away the candy bars and the greasy take out food and attempting to make better choices for myself. But lets be honest, if I don't indulge somewhere, somehow, I'm going to be falling off the dieting wagon way too quick. I have a new secret, and I'm sad that I didn't give it the time of day before. Getting the sweet into my tooth with my new go-to, is Nutella. Along with my fruit, juice, coffee (shhh) and atop of my toast, Nutella with my breakfast is definitely my way to go. Naturally, Boug adores it now too, and really, who wouldn't? Its uber-delish and with cocoa, skim milk and roasted hazelnuts, its much more decadent than plain ole p.b. on your toast.

We're not shocked when they say breakfast is the most important meal. We need to make our kids especially, fuel up and get their day going right and adding Nutella to the routine is a good way. I secretly chuckle to myself because Boug thinks that she's getting away with murder when she has Nutella on her toast. Its like such a special treat that tastes so darn delicious that it must be bad for you!

Nutella is from The Ferrero Company, and I'm not surprised that I love Nutella so much, because I literally drool over the Ferrero Rochers each and every time that I see them. Nutella is available at select grocery, mass merchandiser, warehouse and club stores. You can even order Nutella online from amazon.com!

I was sent Nutella to aid in my review, which in no way changes the way I feel about the product. My opinions are my opinions, take 'em or leave 'em.

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