Monday, May 31, 2010

Formula savings from Parent's Choice

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Right now, I'm thankful that Lil' Buddy is no longer on formula. When he was on formula, I had no idea of how much money I was literally throwing away, since store brand formulas are mandated to be nutritionally equivalent to name brand formulas.

Parent's Choice formula is the store brand of formula available at Wal-Mart and is nutritionally comparable to all the other big name formula brands. And of course, it costs much less then those said brands. The savings to be had are, depending on how you look at it, either stellar or ridiculous. Its great that you can save probably close to $600 per year by switching brands, but its ridiculous that those other brands have their prices so jacked up and are charging so much! Parent's Choice even has a Savings Calculator available on the site so that you can plug in what you have been using to see how much you can possibly save by switching to Parent's Choice.

When Lil' Buddy was just a bit younger, the Parent's Choice Sensitivity or the Gentle formula would have been perfect for him. He was a bit of a gassy baby. Being able to reference the Parent's Choice Formula Finder is a great way to make an informed decision prior to heading out to the store.

Kids are too darn expensive, and all the money that could be saved by switching formulas would be a perfect way to start off their college fund. Or maybe save for their first car? I would have loved to have taken all my formula savings and put it into an account for them down the road!!

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