Tuesday, December 22, 2009

These are definitely Nacho Mama Tees!!

There's nothing like comfort. And it always helps when that favorite comfortable tee is awesome at the same time. Say bye bye to other random tees that have no personality and perk up your wardrobe with tees from Nacho Mama Tees that are LOADED with personality! I love these tees cause not only is there one for everyones personality, they're seriously comfortable. Their soft cotton is definitely a must have while wearing a shirt that says "If you can read this, then you're in my roundhouse kick range." Witty comments like that crack me up!!

Nacho Mama Tees carries tee shirts that are funny, some that could be termed "slightly offensive", vintage style tees and more, in sizes for women as well as, of course, for the menfolk. Like tonight, when we ran out of toilet paper, I immediately wished that I had the "What Would McGyver Do" tee. That's just how my sense of humor rolls!!

Order four tees or more and get free shipping from Nacho Mama Tees!! Their Nacho Christmas daily shirt deal is also going on now where you can get a shirt for $6.99 and 15% off of everything! Of course don't forget to check out their daily facebook trivia for a chance to win a free Nacho Mama Tees shirt!! Freebies are also given on twitter from time to time and there's even a chance to win just by being an email subscriber!!

Opinions are my own, I was provided items free of charge to review (by Nacho Mama Tees), which in no way changed the way I feel about the product!


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