Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fun creepy crawly Hexbugs for the holidays!

Sometimes the same ol' toys get boring, they can only change certain items so many times. The Hexbug Nano is so new and so different from so much that I've seen on the shelves lately- I love finding new great products!! Fact of the matter is, kids love creepy crawlies, kids love dirt, kids love bugs... yes, I've had to fish a real live ladybug out of Lil' Buddy's mouth before. Hexbug Nano is too cool cause it acts like a bug and is so neat to play with and watch! These things even flip over by themselves!! Think of the Hexbug like the "webkinz" of the bug world- you can register your Hexbug online to play games and learn about real science! The original is a bit bigger, and they also have the inchworm, the crab, as well as the ant!

The Hexbug is awesome and there are so many different varieties to choose from. The Nano that we got is only $9.99! You can get yours at the site or at retailers like Toys R Us and RadioShack. The products are also available at

And if your kids school is looking for a unique fundraising option, the Hexbug has fundraising opportunities available where the school can earn up to 50% of the profit!

Make sure you head over to Melissa's to see what she had to say about the Hexbug Nano!!


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