Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Purging Time!!

We've got junk. We've got our own junk and the husband likes to bring home other peoples junk. He likes to think if someone is getting rid of something and its still a quality item, that he has an obligation to give the crap a loving home. My garage has become filled with crap.

This weekend will be the very first yard sale that I've ever held. I can't say that I'm not looking forward to it, cause I am, but there's just so much stuff to finish going through and so much to do!! I'm at an overwhelming point... especially since we aren't having it here at home, I'm dragging all my crap to my grandparent's house cause they have PRIME yard sale location.

How do you stay organized for a yard sale? How do you know what you aren't going to need again? And prices?? OHMIGOSH... prices are making me crazy!! I don't know how much to charge for so many of the things that I'd really love to get rid of!!!

So here's to the hopes that I get organized in time, that I get things priced right and hoping that there's nothing left over at the end of the day Sunday!! Any pointers please leave them in the comments for me!! You know I can use them!!


Kristin April 28, 2009 at 2:40 PM  

I so badly need to purge too!

kado! April 28, 2009 at 6:55 PM  

I ♥ garage saling..but me no likey having the sale myself....here is some tips I found that helps A LOT!

The week up to the sale get the tables set up inside your garage with items on them...price everything (my most un favorite thing to do...takes 4-ever!)...then the EARLY morning of the sale...when you are SO tired and wondering WHY you are doing this....you just have to pull the tables out...and everything is already set up (basically)

...also...go to your bank and get a rolls of each coins! and LOTS of dollar bills! You will need it to make change...you don't wanna lose a sale or $$$ because you don't have change!

AND...have a shoe-box or pencil box to keep all you change in...always keep ALL the money from the sale in ONE spot....and keep that box with you AT ALL TIMES...some people look to steal that box if left unattended (I know bad..huh!) Keep a piece of paper with the total amount of change you put in the box to start off...that way you can deduct it from the total at the end and see how much you ACTUALLY made!

And Last but not Least!....schedule a pick-up from Good-Will for the evening after your sale...or a day later....You need to donate the items that did not sale...you don't want junk back in your house just because no one bought it....AND BONUS That is a TAX write-off....Make sure the pick-up driver gives you a receipt...and if you go that route I'll give you a web-site for a great tool with "tax-valuation guide for donating goods" =)

hope this helps a little! GOOD LUCK!

Jenn@ The Crazies April 28, 2009 at 7:07 PM  

Have fun with this... I LOVE purging old stuff... and have fun w/ the prices.. and enjoy a laugh or 2 knowing that your junk is someones elses treasure!

Mozi Esme April 28, 2009 at 10:27 PM  

Here's wishing sunshine for you - that's one of the key ingredients for success!

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