Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dear Kid Saturday

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Dear Boug...

How I adore you, you little pisser, but this whole non-listening thing has gotta stop... somehow though, every time... within minutes of stressing me out, you manage to do something super adorable to make me giggle. Where did you learn that?

You've adjusted so well these past 8 months with sharing me and your father with your little brother and you're the best binky fetcher I've ever seen.

Each day I get a little sadder cause we wont have our full days together come September, but I know that you'll be giving me so much more to be proud of when Kindergarten starts.

Though I know that you tire of me, being stuck with me pretty much 24 hours a day, but you are a sweet girl and you deal pretty well with the stupid things that I try to play and the silly things that I do to try to keep things lively around here.

You crack me up with the fact that you'd rather listen to VH1 then the Laurie Berkner cd that I'd rather listen to... we're backwards but its funny as heck. I love when you sing "Imma siggle lay-deee... Imma siggle lay-deee..." and "thats not my name... thats not my nickname..."

Remember my little boogerbeaner, you're my first and my only little girl... that isn't going to change and though I may be edgy and uptight, I love you.

Your pain in the butt, crazy at times, always makes you put away your toys, the "enforcer"-

Dear Lil' Buddy,

Though you're only 8 months old, its time I said it. Please stop being a Mama's boy sooooo much. Dont get me wrong, I love how much you NEED and LOVE me... but sometimes, every once in a while... Mommy has to pee. Mommy likes to go potty without you screaming cause I'm not in the line of vision.

Other than that boy, you're fab...

I love those two lil bottom teeth poppin' in and the way that you only say "Mama" is if you're crying for me... but I'm not worried, I know you'll be saying it for real soon enough!

Love you my Lil' Buddy, My lil' tank...


Betty April 19, 2009 at 1:48 AM  

Awww this is such a great idea. You totally made me get all teary eyed. I have a mama's boy, he's now 8 and still starts calling me if I'm not home at my normal time from work lol!

Kristin April 19, 2009 at 11:29 PM  

OMG how cute! Seriously though can Boug come teach Kaila how to be a binky fetcher? She'll need some lessons..

love ya!

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