Saturday, April 4, 2009

LemonHeadz Kids!

Family Review Network gave me a chance to review a few LemonHead Kids. LemonHead Kids has the very best, non-slip headbands, known as Bandeez and clips, known as Clipeez, that I've ever used!!With Boug's bangs growing out, I'm always on the look for something that's going to stay well in her hair to keep it off of her face. The Clipeez was the first thing that I tried, I pulled the strays off to the side and clipped it off of her face. Since Clipeez are made with patented Gripstrip, sure enough it stayed in so well! Even with her doing laps around the house!! Of course since it an adorable green flower, she also decided it would be perfect to top off her St. Patricks day getup and it kept the hair out of her eyes all day long!!

Now the Bandeez, I let her try it once. Not because I didn't like it... but I wanted it!! I didn't want to share!! I constantly have my hair up in a ponytail or tied in a knot on my head, but I've got bangs of my own and if they aren't blowdried, they just look like crap and go right in my eyes!! I put the Bandeez on and it kept the hair out of my eyes, was comfortable and didn't dig into the back of my ears like regular headbands. Its because Bandeez have a slip proof lining and are adjustable to the size of your head! And in the super cute tan and brown checkered pattern, it looks so great!!

With reasonable prices, adorable prints and cute flowers, how can you not love LemonHead Kidz? Something super cute and fully functional floats my boat anyday!!

Check out LemonHead Kidz awesome assortment of colors, prints and patterns today!!


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