Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Its Easy To Win Tonight!!

Let us not forget the fabulous LIVE online game show site, ItsEasyToWin.com, and tonight there's a live game with Eric!!State Your Case will have 8 players competing for $4,000 cash! The first member selected tonight will be playing for $1,000 and the 8th person selected will automatically win $50.00! Also, 1 lucky person will be invited to play "Scratch and Win" for a chance at $1,000,000!

And even if you aren't picked to play, make sure you're watching because 5 members names will be called and win $20 each, easy as that!! But you have to watch!!

Tonight's phrase that pays is : "We Miss A.V.I." If you're the first contestant to tell Eric the phrase that pays when you're picked, you'll automatically win $10!!

Because I adore ItsEasyToWin.com and Eric, I want to know who is going to tune in to the LIVE game tonight at 9 pm est.

This giveaway is open to people registered on ItsEasyToWin.com!!
If you're registered, let me know if you're going to attend tonight's game.
If you're not registered, GO REGISTER and then let me know if you'll attend tonight's game!

I have 2 free product coupons from ItsEasyToWin.com's sponsors to giveaway!! Free Jolly Time Popcorn and Free Minute Rice Ready to Serve!!

The only extra bonus entry for this one is to TWEET! Follow CaseyDeuce on Twitter and tweet this phrase!! "Are you attending the ItsEasyToWin.com LIVE game tonight? Let @CaseyDeuce know to win freebies! http://tinyurl.com/codspn"

This giveaway is only open until 8:30 pm est, since the LIVE game is at 9:00 pm est!! And if you're picked, don't worry, I wont make you share your winnings with me.... just make sure you tell Eric that you came from A Couch With A View!!


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