Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A new flawless beauty regimen for me!!

I've probably had the same "beauty" regimen for 6 or so years now. Its a barely-there effort, but its been working for me for so long, I've never attempted to switch it up. I throw on some tinted moisturizer, a little loose powder, the eyeshadow that has since been discontinued and some mascara. Its literally less than 3 minutes from start to finish, and some days it totally looks like I didn't even put any effort into trying to look decent. I've wanted to try some new ways of looking good, taking more pride in my appearance, but I hadn't for a while, until I was able to try out the Luminess Airbrush Cosmetics kit.First off, I have to say, I'm loving how easy it is to get started using the Luminess. With the getting started guide, as well as DVD, you're not going into using it blindly. I like that I'm not using a dirty old makeup sponge, or even my hands, to apply the makeup, like I have been. You know a lot of flaws can come from grime in a makeup sponge, Luminess takes that out of the equation!

Luminesse didn't take much longer for me to use then what I had been doing, which I love, because I'm always in a rush and taking more time on me isn't something I usually do. In just a little bit of time, I was able to spray on foundation, eye shadow (I used the shimmer highlighter), and bronzer. I had a flawless look that I wasn't sure that I would ever achieve! It did take a minute to get used to the motion and how hard to push the button, but I quickly adapted, and was so pleased with my results!

You can pick up a Luminess Air Beauty system from, which includes the airbrush system and stylus, the getting started DVD and guide, the metallic silver clutch for storage, and the starter kit that contains $225 worth of free makeup. It contains 4 foundations, 1 bronzer, 1 blush and 1 shimmer highlighter). You can get the makeup to match your skin tone, in ultra-fair, fair, medium, tan, dark or ultra-dark. Luminess products are also available on for purchasing.

I received the Luminess Air Beauty system at no cost to aid in my review, this in no way changes how I feel about the product!!


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