Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life Better Served with Hormel Compleats!

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Moms of now are so different from the moms that existed in the 1960's and before. Back in the day, so many mothers stayed home and didn't work, now a days, there really isn't much of a choice sometimes and moms spend their days working, then coming home and doing the regular mom routine.  Personally, as a single mother now, I've found it really hard to find the balance, but am loving finding shortcuts to make my life easier. Busy moms wear many hats, from boss to housekeeper, from laundry attendant to chef. With Hormel Compleats, that chef's hat can be much easier to wear!

Hormel Compleats don't need to be frozen or refrigerated, so grabbing something great to eat in the middle of a busy day is convenient! After the kids lunches are packed up and they're sent off to school or daycare, its easy enough to toss a total roast beef meal in your tote for your own lunch!

Right now, you can enter the Hormel Compleats Life Better Served contest video contest, showing how a multi-tasking modern lady would want to make lunchtime easier by using Hormel Compleats. As a perk, when you share the Life Better Served contest with 5 friends, you're entered to win $3,000!! Its as easy as submitting a video, having Hormel choose it as one of the best, having the Zooppa community vote your video as one of the best, or sharing it with at least 5 people and you're entered to win!! Will you be entering?

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