Thursday, February 17, 2011

Success Made Simple with!

With my children being ages 6 and 2, I've begun instilling responsibilities in them and I've tried to look for great ways to reinforce the qualities they are learning. There's lots of ways out there to do so, and one of them is the website. With's goal setting, chore charts, behavior charts, and to-do lists, things seem so much more clear cut and easier to accomplish without a major meltdown from the kids.

I do love that the chore charts and the behavior charts are great for kids of all ages, but its even nicer that the goal setting chart can be used by parents, as well as by kids. For instance, if I wanted to set myself up with a goal chart to buy myself a new laptop, I could set that up for myself. But if Boug wanted to set up a goal chart to buy herself a new video game, she could do that as well, using the same format.

One of my favorite things though that offers is the chore chart, because, at 6 years old, its time for Boug to start pulling some weight around here with chores. Even if its the simple things that she's doing! I'm loving that they have 50 different background themes for their chore charts, so I can print one out that's perfect for Boug and keeps her attention in it!

This is a compensated post written in conjuction with MomSelect. Although I am compensated for this post, these are my honest and true opinions!


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