Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lets talk about things that might pertain to some of my readers...

Its been brought to my attention that certain people have begun reading A Couch With A View. So on that note, I'd like to touch on some subjects and get your input on them, and maybe we can all share with those readers. I'm sure the readers won't comment, and will not take part in discussion, but maybe they will read and gain some insight!!

--Alcohol abuse & family, can one be stronger than the alcohol and put their family and responsibilities above it???

--Dating after a breakup, when is it alright to start dating after a breakup?

--Absentee parenting, when a parent is absent, is it alright for the remaining parent to use their best judgement in all situations or should they take the absentee parent's feelings into consideration?

Please feel free to go into other similar topics, I would love to hear your thoughts and your take on these and anything else pertinent!

Thank you all! Can't wait to hear what you have to say!!


lfhpueblo February 20, 2011 at 7:53 PM  

As far as the absentee parent thing, I'd ask first do they have any legal rights? If they are paying child support and have vistation rights etc., then yes take their feelings into account.
However if the custodial parent has full legal custody, then no you do not have to take the other parents feelings into account.
I don't always think a parent can be stronger than the alcohol abuse when they are actively drinking. However, if they go on the wagon and truly try to overcome the consumption of the alcohol (because I don't ever think the need and desire for it ever totally subsides in an alcoholic), I think they can be a good parent.
On how soon to start dating after a break up, well if you have children then you have to feel them out somewhat about that. I don't think most children would be ready for their parents who are no longer together to start dating for several months to a year.
Those are my opinions, but I'm sure others have theirs.

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