Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Wish List includes Pogoplug!

Pogoplug word mark

Year round, I always try to keep in touch with friends and family. I try to send them pictures and files and whatnot over the web because its one of the easiest ways to keep in touch. Thankfully, I just found a way to make it even easier! I loathe when I'm at someones house and say "Oh! I should have sent you that email! I should have emailed you those pictures, but they're on my computer!!" With Pogoplug, you can access your files remotely, so you can access your content from any web browser, computer or mobile device. Pogoplug connects your internal hard drive to the internet so that you can completely see your home content from anywhere!

Pogoplug is available in the basic, which is great for regular at home use, or the pro, great for advanced use. Also available is the Pogoplug Biz which is perfect for business usage!

Pogoplug 2nd Generation Rear

Some other great features of Pogoplug is that they offer a free mobile app, you can stream to your mobile device or your PS3 or XBox360, you can grab a custom email address through Pogoplug, its an easy, 60 second setup, and there are never any fees to use your Pogoplug!!

I've found Pogoplug to be a great gift this year for the techie in your life!! Though the basic Pogoplug is out of stock for USA on their website, you can still pick it up at Also, the Pogoplug Pro is available exclusively at U.S. Best Buy locations.

I received a Pogoplug to aid in my review, this in no way changes the way I feel about the product.


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