Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Wish List includes Aurora!

Aurora carries some of the cutest stuffed toys for this holiday season and year round! In the past I have reviewed their YooHoo and Friends, and this holiday season I'm happy to share with you a couple other items they have to offer!!

We were able to try out the Paws Puppets, which Lil' Buddy got a complete kick out of! They're animal paws for puppets, so your little one can really feel like an animal while playing pretend! They're soft and so much fun!

They also sent us their Fancy Pals to check out and Miss Boug was so excited to have a new sidekick to tote around. The Fancy Pals are the cutest little "plush in a purse" for the girlie girls to carry around with them! Aurora has a ton of choices for their Fancy Pals, so you can get the one that's the perfect fit for your little miss.

Order through Aurora TODAY to ensure your gifts arrive by December 25th!! You can also check out their selections of Fancy Pals and Paws Puppets on

Aurora sent me the Fancy Pals and Paws Puppets at no charge to aid in my review. This in no way changes how I feel about the product or company.


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