Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Wish List includes Foxy Blunt!

Shopping for Christmas cards is never an easy task. I usually just go with the standard photo ones for family and friends, that of course include the picture of the kiddos. There are times that I want to send a card to a gal pal that's from just me. Where I can be my sarcastic, snarky self, and the chicks that know me and receive the card will know exactly where I'm coming from. I'm stoked to have found Foxy Blunt and their gorgeous cards. Not only are they exactly what I need in order to get my true feelings across, they're absolutely stunning!!

Foxy Blunt offers holiday cards, their not-so-everyday cards, Valentine's day cards are coming soon and they offer great "bitch-slap cancer" cards which are great because 50% of the proceeds go to the Young Survival Coalition. I love their boxed note cards as well, because I know they'd make an awesome present for friends of mine who will also love their beautiful designs as well as their sassy sayings! I know my favorite holiday card from Foxy Blunt is the "Season of Joy" card, that says "Its the season of joy, if by joy you mean utter chaos." It explains exactly how I feel about this time of year!!

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