Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Wish List includes Moonjar!

I know that each year, for holidays, birthdays and just because, my kids get dollars and pocketfuls of change from family and friends. I try my hardest to instill good qualities in my kids with their money, like how to save, but sometimes its hard. Moonjar has jumped in to help me, and you, with teaching our kids how to spend, save and share.

Moonjar is a 3 part money bank that helps teach kids value of money. Each Moonjar has a "spend, save and share" compartment to point your kids in a good direction for financial responsibility. With Moonjar, I feel confident that my kids will make good decisions with their money, and I'm already thinking of ways that they can do good with their "share" money! I know each year my own job does campaigns to benefit the Make A Wish foundation. I know that Boug would love to take her "share" money and donate it to MAW for a kid that would really need it.

Moonjar is available for ordering online from their shop, and although at this point it wouldn't be an arrival in time for the holiday, its still a great addition to your household afterwords!!

Moonjar provided me with their product free of charge to aid in my review. This in no way changes how I feel about the product or the company!


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