Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Wish List includes Hexbug!!

Some of the coolest gifts out there are some of the most different items I've come across. Once again this year, we got to try out Hexbugs, and again, we weren't disappointed!! These creepy crawlies are some of the coolest toys ever!! Hexbugs are micro robotic bugs that seem to have a mind of their own!!I know with all the varieties of Hexbug available, kids are going to want to collect all of the different ones in all of the different colors! They have the original, the ant, the spider, the inchworm, the crab and the nano. The inchworm is Hexbugs remote control creature. The crab reacts to light and sound! The ant is a high speed robotic creature that reacts to touch. The nano behaves like a real bug and flips over by itself! The spider is similar to the inchworm where it can be used with its remote control! Even the nano can be registered for online play, in order to play games and learn about real science!

Right now Hexbug has a promotion going for free shipping on all their orders over $79.99 and their holiday bundles are perfect for gift giving!! You can also grab Hexbugs at Toys R Us, Radio Shack and on

Be sure to follow Hexbug on twitter and give them a like on facebook so you can keep up with all things Hexbug!!

I received Hexbugs at no charge to aid in my review, which in no way changes how I feel about the product!


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