Sunday, April 15, 2012

Personalized Gifts from Shutterfly!

I'm a big fan of getting and giving personalized gifts to people, it shows so much more thought and effort to the person who is receiving it. For example, most recently, I made up a photo book from Shutterfly for my best friend who is about to get married, I filled it with pictures of her, her fiance and their son. When she opened it, she cried. I kid you not. Its gifts like those that show you care.

With Mother's Day coming, I want to get something super nice for my own mother and I'll be turning to Shutterfly again for this. My mom is a big tea drinker, all morning long, so I'm looking at the photo mugs for her. I know how much she would love a mug with a picture of my kids on it! Though aside from the photo mugs, there are so many other photo gifts to choose from.

My dad takes his iPhone EVERYWHERE, and a picture of the kids are his background on it. I'm sure he would love a personalized iPhone case from Shutterfly, maybe a picture from my parents most recent vacation to St. Thomas?

For me though? I'd choose to receive one of the super cool desk organizers that they carry. Maybe it would help me keep up on my organizational skills that I'm completely lacking??

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