Monday, December 19, 2011

Making my life easier with Marie Callenders!

I like to keep my life simple. Some days I cut corners by condensing trips into town, I bring the garbage out on my way out the door instead of doing it mid-day, and sometimes I save time and energy by making a mostly already prepared dinner for the family.

Marie Callenders is one of the brands that I've turned to from time to time to keep dinnertime easy. The pot pies from Marie Callenders are some of my favorites, and I love that the kids actually eat them too! They're picky, so finding something that they like makes me a happy mom! I've made pot pies from scratch, and they're good, but time consuming. Marie Callenders are a great standby for when I'm not feeling like putting in the effort into from-scratch cooking. Varieties like the standard chicken, turkey and beef, also more elaborate tastes like mushroom, parmesean, honey roasted chicken or cheesy chicken, all are definitely sure to please! The biggest perk, with so many varieties? They're all still preservative free!

I've also turned to some of Marie Callenders other items besides pot pies to make life easier, I've been a fan of the complete meals and dessert pies for quite some time now!


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