Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide:: Spice up your holidays with EdenFantasys

Every year we have a holiday party at one of my gal-pal's houses and every year we do a swap with 3 rounds of trading wrapped gifts, for the first round not even knowing what is in them. Its the more risque gifts that always end up with the best reactions, with grown adults fighting over them and saying they're definitely trading for that gift the next round. One year there was a party pack of lubricants that got the most giggles amongst the gifts, another year it was the candles, massage oil and a bottle of wine that got the biggest reaction. Of course the tame gifts are always nice, but the reactions to the others are just plain fun. Its the one holiday party each year that I can count on some "grown-up" time and some "grown-up" laughs.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

I have plenty of friends who gifts from an adult shop are simply perfect for during the holiday season and have been browsing the ever so lovely EdenFantasys this year. My friend Moe is the most outspoken girl I know about her preferences and I do know that she would flip if she received a Love Card aka gift card to splurge on sex toys for herself! Hey, what can I say? I'd rather give gifts I know the recipient would love!

Speaking of gifts that the recipient would love... Browsing through their lingerie, OH. EMM. GEE. Some flirty, some sexy, some downright hot, but I know that the special someone who'd be able to see some of it on would love to unwrap that kind of present this holiday season!

Of course, I must mention one more thing that I absolutely adore about EdenFantasys... One of my all-time favorite bloggers writes for their magazine, Sexis. Jenny aka The Bloggess is nothing but an amazing read. Sometimes you just need a break from deciding on a new vibrator to read about the top strange things that her readers have sent her for the month. Hilarity.


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