Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shutterfly Family Photo Days & Tips for a Great Family Photo

With the holidays right around the corner, I know so many people who are getting their holiday photo cards ordered asap. Personally, I haven't even begun!! I've been putting it off for the stupidest reasons... Bud needs a haircut... Boug has a scratch on her face... If I put it off any longer it'll be New Years before I get my holiday cards mailed out!!

Although I procrastinate, I do have my own tips for creating a great picture, keeping in mind that I'm absolutely not a professional photographer.

Casey's tips for a superb holiday photo
-Be comfortable! Stiffness in a photo is horrible!
-Let your personalities shine through!
-Jazz it up! Props or going to a place special to you can help let the true you come through!
-Get a trusted opinion on your choice! Have a friend who is always brutally honest? Show them the picture you're thinking of using and get their opinion!
-Get together with friends! Let a friend take pictures of you with your family, then you can return the favor to them and theirs! Make a fun time out of it! Half of my problem with pictures is that I'm NEVER in them cause I'm always the one taking them!!

Shutterfly is here to help! They've been planning out their Family Photo Days throughout November to help their customers get the best family photo for their holiday cards. Why use a picture that isn't GREAT simply because its just "the best you've got?" I've loved browsing through, and getting great inspiration for my Christmas cards this year thanks to Shutterfly's Family Photo Days. You can too just by heading to their site! Use their tips for a perfect photo and then get it put onto one of their awesome cards, it seriously keeps the headache to a minimum!


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