Thursday, November 24, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide:: Protection for your Nintendo DS!!

Lots of kids will be upgrading their Nintendo DS to a 3DS or just getting a 3DS to start with this year for the holidays. As parents, we try to protect our investments since kids electronics aren't cheap these days! Here are two fun ways to protect the Nintendo 3DS and make great stocking stuffers! The fun part about them is that they aren't just another boring case! The Nerf armor is my favorite, its like wrapping your DS in a nerfball!!

· NERF Armor for 3DS - The official NERF 3DS Armor protects your valuable Nintendo 3DS system from bumps, scrapes and bruises. Authentic, soft, NERF material on the armor gives you additional grip and comfort while playing.

· Zelda 3DS Crystal Armor

- The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Crystal Armor is the perfect blend of style and protection. Featuring stunning new artwork as well as double protection via the union of a durable outer shell with a soft inner layer to cushion and protect your Nintendo 3DS, the Ocarina of Time armor is ultimate 3DS protection worthy of the hero of Hyrule.

You can snag up the Nerf DS Armor and the 3DS Zelda Armor
from amazon or toys r us.


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