Thursday, June 16, 2011

Using promotional materials to help stand out in a crowd!

Sometimes you need to stand out in a crowd. At all these blog events, or even just when I talk about my site in passing, I feel like I at times would like to be able to hand someone something more than just my card. Granted, the cards are nice, have all the information on them, but sometimes I wish I had something more.

I've been starting to look into promo pens that have my site name on them, and I think that they could be a great tool to help promote A Couch With A View. I mean seriously, who doesn't use a pen in their day to day life? And to have my information at their fingertips while writing? Genius!

I know that when I was starting off in my short lived college stint, I was constantly taking notes by hand, and writing up drafts of papers and I would grab any pen in my reach! And another great tidbit of info for situations like that, is a great resource for help in writing term papers!!


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