Friday, June 24, 2011

Shopping for the kiddos at

Summer is here and for me that means birthday shopping for my two littles. Miss Boug will be SEVEN this year, which I completely can't believe, and Lil' Buddy will be a whopping THREE years old. These years are going by so quickly!!

I do love being able to do shopping for both kids in one swoop and is one of those places that you can do that. Of course doing so is much easier because ebeanstalk has some of the easiest to navigate categories that I've seen in a while. I love being able to browse by age right there on the homepage of their site. Being able to browse by age is my favorite feature, but by far not their only good feature. Ebeanstalk makes it easy to take a peek at developmental milestones by age, and I absolutely love how clear and concise it is. I took at peek at what Bud's milestones should be at age 3 and I'm thinking we're pretty much on that track! What's great about it is that you can hone in on certain milestones to be met though, with toys that address certain goals.

Head on over to ebeanstalk and take a peek at books for children, presents for 1 year olds, or alphabet toys among soooo much more! Don't forget you'll receive free shipping on orders over $75!!


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