Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Zulily Wish List!

There are just some places that have me writing up a wish list a mile long. Zulily is one of those websites that there's always something that I'm so smitten with...

My current Zulily wish list is rather lengthy. They're a "daily deals" type of site that features great prices for awesome products. Right now I'm wanting....

The Berry Genna Crocling Flat for my girl, on sale for $16.99. Crocs are on their final day of deals over at Zulily right now!!

The Dreamworks Collection is also on their final day of deals, and too cute to pass up is the Alex the Lion hoodie!!

Kische has some of the most lovely clothing for women that I've seen in a while. Its hard to narrow down what I'd love to own, but I'm eyeballin' the Moss Beaded Tank to go with the Moss Cardigan. Along with the Cement Crochet Yoke Tunic, I'm loving it.

For one of my besties, due with her very first baby in just under 3 weeks, I would so love to borrow him and dress him in some of the cute stuff from Fozia London. I soooo love the Navy Organic Kimono Playsuit!!

Last but not least, the JB Original Vintage selections are so ridiculously perfect for my son!! The Black Football Polo and the Dark Tan Gas Station shirt are so his style, and the Burgundy Stripe Joy Wind shorts are super great too!

I was not compensated in any way for this post, simply sharing some stuff I love!!


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