Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Celebrating Mothers Day with Tiny Prints

Over the years, I've given advice (wanted and unwanted!) and received advice on parenting as well. I've heard some crappy advice, and I'm sure people have taken some stuff that I've said as crappy advice too. My own Mother has passed on more advice to me than she even knows, just by my own memories of her being a single mother, I've gotten so much out of it.

I can look back, and answer questions that I have for my own kids, just by thinking about how it was when I was a child being raised by my mom only. I'm so lucky and blessed that I had her, and I'm able to use it as a resource of raising my children without their father. I look at my kids and I hope that when they grow up, that they won't resent me for their dad not being here. I know that they won't though because I didn't resent my own mother for being a single mother. I can see that sometimes, one AMAZING parent, can sometimes have quadruple the positive impact. Of the past 7 years that I've celebrated a Mothers Day for myself, nothing exceeds the gift that my own Mom didn't even realize she has given me. It can't be repaid to her with a planter of flowers or a bottle of wine, but I can thank her every day and be happy I have her no matter what.

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To help celebrate a Mom in your life this Mothers Day, make sure you visit Tiny Print's Mothers Day card selection. Their prints are beautiful, and the choices are huge. There are cards for all sorts of women in your life, from the wife, the new mom, the "like a mom," the grandma and more. I personally would love to receive the "The Madre" card, cause my love of coffee and that card fits my personality perfectly!!

I received a Tiny Prints gift code for my opinions, which are my own, unchanged by any outside influence.


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