Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fun time with Caillou!

There are very few television programs that my Lil' Buddy loves, and Caillou is one of them. If you aren't familiar with Caillou, he's an inquisitive little 4 year old with a little sister and a cat, who learns about common things in day to day life.

There's a few new Caillou toys out now, and Bud was excited to receive the Caillou bath time vehicle and the Caillou classic doll. Bud has brought his bath time vehicle in the tub with him and had a blast playing with Caillou, his kitty Gilbert and the boat that they get to sail around on.

The Caillou classic doll has been by Buddy's side since we received it. He loves to cuddle him and bring him on car rides with us! I've had to give it a few wipe downs, since my Lil' Buddy thinks that he can feed Caillou the same snacks that he eats, and I'm happy to say that since he has a vinyl head, arms and feet, he's so easy to clean.

I love both of these toys for Bud cause they encourage him to use his imagination and play independently. Both of these toys are available at Toys R Us,, and you can also find the Caillou doll on


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