Monday, March 1, 2010

Hip Hip Horray!! for Super Why!

I hate to be a mom that allows my kids to watch too much tv, but there are a few shows that I'm just comfortable with them watching. For Boug, Super Why has been one of her faves for about a year or so now, and how much she retains from it is awesome. I love how they interact by telling the stories and becoming a part of them, all while Miss Boug learns about letters and word building.

On DVD tomorrow you can pick up your copy of Super Why: Peter Rabbit and Other Fairytale Adventures. We had a chance to preview this and Boug was loving it! Super Why is great cause it even catches Lil' Buddy's attention. This new disc has stories like Peter Rabbit, Tom Thumb, Rapunzel and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This disc has tons of bonus features that include interactive games, music videos, coloring pages and so much more!

You can pick up a copy in stores or order online from


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