Monday, March 8, 2010

Caillou Pretends to Be on DVD today!

Caillou was always one of those cartoons that when Boug was little, she really really liked. She's since outgrown him, but Lil' Buddy is moving right into the Caillou phase now. Caillou Pretends to Be was released on dvd today and Lil' Buddy is absolutely loving it!!

Caillou Pretends to Be follows Caillou and his vivid imagination in four different episodes. In Caillou the Helper, Caillou starts out as a patient that needs first aid, then ends up helping out the police officers, and finally plays with his Grandfather a game of croquet! In Captain Caillou, his Grandpa brings him a remote control sailboat. Also, he visits an airport and is involved in his first ever wedding as a ringbearer. Another episode on the dvd is Caillou the Builder, where Caillou builds a road in the sandlot, helps his father and grandfather build a house for charity, and he also visits an apartment building for the very first time. Also on the dvd, Caillou the Scientist, where he learns about magnets, heads to a natural history museum to learn about dinosaurs, and during story time he also learns about spaceships and astronauts!

One of Lil' Buddy's favorite parts of this new release? The bonus material- Caillou's Music Videos!! Also in the extras is parent information, character bios and coloring pages!

You can order your copy of Caillou: Caillou Pretends to Be at


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