Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The evolution of the internet...

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I remember when I first started using the internet, it was in the basement of my cousins house, playing some odd game. I was probably no more than nine or ten, and the only reason that they had internet is because their father was an IBM developer and used it for work purposes. Then fast forward to a few years later when the internet started to blow up. I was probably about thirteen or so and aol was the easiest and most user friendly place to start at the time. Looking back at those times, you can really see how far we've come in the way of web browsing and the world wide web.

The internet has evolved. It has grown, changed and emerged as so many different things to so many different people. Going from simple instant messaging and web searches, to real time searches, social media, and everything being at your fingertips in an instant. With sites like leapfish emerging, the more real time results, the more comprehensive results we will be seeing. We will be watching the world wide web evolve even more.

Though I'm so used to where the web is at now, sites like twitter and facebook, along with blogs and news, have made it all too desirable to have everything where you want it, when you want it. It took time for the internet to become what it is today, and I'm truly looking forward to all the new directions that its going to be heading in the future. Having everything at my fingertips, in real time, totally customized to my liking, is where I think its headed, and I'm looking forward to every single minute of it!

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