Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hannah Montana: Miley Says Goodbye

As of today, Hannah Montana: Miley Says Goodbye, is available for purchase! My daughter has been looking forward to this video for so long and she's so happy that she has her own copy now. The story behind Miley Says Goodbye is simple, Miley doesn't know whether to give up her career and head back to her roots in Tennessee to be with Blue Jeans (her horse), or does she stay in Malibu to keep rocking out as Hannah Montana??

The disc includes 6 episodes, all great, including one with David Archuleta guest starring, and one where Jake returns in the episode "He could be the one." The DVD even has bonus features like an alternate ending! We love alternate endings cause its like you're getting a whole different show as a perk! Other bonus features are Hannah's Highlights: You never give me my money, and Sister Secrets with Miley's real life sister!

Of course we're always waiting for the next great Hannah Montana product to come around, but I'm thinking that Boug will be pleased for quite some time having Miley Says Goodbye in her DVD collection!

Your copy of Hannah Montana: Miley Says Goodbye is available for purchase at amazon.com and is eligible for free super saver shipping with a purchase over $25.


Hannah Montana March 10, 2010 at 2:08 AM  

Just wanted to say that I am a BIG fan of Hannah Montana. I even have a fan site for her! Well, this is the first time I am visiting your site. It's cool. Please write more about Hannah Montana.

Unknown March 10, 2010 at 11:35 PM  

My daughter is 10 and is JUST to the point of "saying goodbye" to Hannah Montana, but loves MILEY! My little 4 year old grand daughter is HUGE on Hannah, and almost all her Christmas wishes were for Hannah things. A sad thing...but kids gotta grow up! I can see her in a sit com down the road...she has talent in so many areas!


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