Monday, February 15, 2010

Yoohoo and Friends

I love finding new ways for my kids to tap into their imaginations and Boug's new fave toy is Yoohoo and Friends stuffed animals from Aurora. Yoohoo and Friends are a new toy that you can play online, without any codes, to learn more about different animals and habitats.

Different kids are attracted to different types of animals, and the nice thing about Yoohoo and Friends is that there are more than 30 animals in their line! Choices like the scarlet macaw, platypus, yellow tiger and so many more. Yoohoo and Friends are available for different special occasions, like graduations, or even holidays, like their Easter styles that sport bunny ears- perfect for tucking into the Easter basket this year!!

Their big eyes, puffy tails and super soft fur is so sweet and I can see why my Boug loves her Yoohoo and Friends so much!

Valentine's YooHoo & Friends.jpg

You can purchase Yoohoo and Friends on as well as purchase them through the Aurora World Gift Shop.


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