Monday, February 15, 2010

Operation: DVD Premiere!!

We've grown to love the Penguins of Madagascar since the original movie, and their nickelodeon show, and with the release of The Penguins of Madagascar, Operation: DVD Premiere, we're getting more of our penguin fill! The penguins are too humorous with their interactions with King Julien. Skipper and the rest of the penguins crack us up with each and every episode!

Operation: DVD Premiere is loaded with some never before seen episodes, as well as some favorites that have aired. This dvd is also loaded with bonus material, like the brand new penguins Devious Dr. Blowhole game to be played at Its hard enough to get Boug off the computer, but with this new game to play, its getting even harder!! Other bonus material like the sneak peeks into new releases are great too! I loved being able to peek at some of the new movies that I know my kids will be begging me to go see!

You can order The Penguins of Madagascar, Operation: DVD Premiere, from


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