Thursday, February 4, 2010

Keep your eye on the time!

One accessory that I've always had, ever since I was young, was a watch. Still to this day, I despise being without one and I hate asking others what time it is. I know that now we're in a 'digital age' with cell phones, pda's, blackberries, ipods and so much more that have time telling capabilities, but a great watch will never go away as one of those classy, must-have accessories.

Over at, you can find some of the hottest watches and I'm definitely smitten with many of the choices. carries my most lusted after brand, Movado, and they have a ton of available Movado watches. I say that Movado is one that I lust after, only because their watches are just bit out of my price range. Another option that I find a bit more affordable for me, is the selection of Android watches available. I absolutely adore the bold faces of the Androids, which you can totally use to add a little funk to your ensemble. Though I must mention, one of the brands that I don't feel I have paid enough attention to in the past, has completely caught my eye big time while I was browsing, was the Invicta watches at I'm so loving that Invicta watches range from simpler, to the more intricate designs and they definitely have a choice in every price point you could think of. I'm loving that Invicta watches are available at a price that I can afford!

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, of course some of the other accessories like necklaces and bracelets are going to be popular. But why not think a little differently? Give diamonds in a different way? I'm drooling over the Invicta womens subaqua noma III with its 36 white diamonds!!


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