Monday, October 8, 2012

Sending love this fall with Tiny Prints!

When it was just my daughter, I was so on top of sending out cards with pictures for EVERY SINGLE HOLIDAY... Can you believe that? I sent out cards for every holiday, from Christmas (of course) to Valentine's Day to the Fourth of July and all the other ones too. I was able to keep up on it for about a year and a half, and then life got the best of me. When Lil' Buddy came along, I tried again, and I did okay, got about 8 months worth of holidays covered and then began slacking again. The time has come for me to start being consistent again with my card sending!!

I've shopped Tiny Prints for years and I'll be doing so again VERY soon! They have super cute cards now for the fall holidays, including Halloween and Thanksgiving. For Halloween, I love dressing them up in their costumes beforehand, snapping a couple good pics and then sending out photo cards to my loved ones. This year I'm loving the Sugar Skull and Halloween Fiesta cards!! I have friends that throw Halloween parties every year, and I've suggested Tiny Prints for their Halloween Party Invitations as well.

I also have been peeking their Thanksgiving Photo Cards and Thanksgiving Party Invitations. I know so many people who come back home for Thanksgiving and I've been debating on throwing a get together while they're home. I'm sure I'll be using the Fall Leaves (Autumn Wine & Dine) if I throw a party!


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