Thursday, October 4, 2012

Indulging in a GOOD way with Unreal

I love being the first of my friends to know and try new things, is that horrible? I love being the one to open their eyes and share things with them that they might not have known about without me! I was able to share Unreal candy with them recently and I loved telling them all about the new stuff out there.

Unreal candy exists because a 13 year old kid asked WHY? candy has to be so unhealthy. (And I love that kids these days are still asking WHY instead of just accepting the status quo.) He found out that candy is loaded with hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors and artificial colors, which simply makes the candy cheaper to produce, but makes it worse for you.

This awesome kid teamed up with his awesome dad and brother in order to show that candy could be made better and that it would taste  better. UNREAL was born.

After tasting it, I'm so excited that this candy has hit the shelves. It seriously kicks butt!! Unreal is doing the same combinations as some of the most popular candy out there, except without the crap. Unreal doesn't have the corn syrup, GMO's, without the partially hydrogenated oils, without the artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, and with about 40% less sugar on average-- and guess what? IT STILL TASTES INDULGENT!! My fave? Unreal 5, it reminds me of a Milky Way and a 3 Muskateers all rolled into one, but BETTER.

I had some friends over and we did a snack and movie night. It was nice to unwind with some gal-pals, and I patiently waited to see their responses about Unreal. Not once did anyone say yuck, it was exactly the opposite! Everyone raved about how amazing this candy was, and I was the one who got to tell them about how much better it was then the other junk on the shelves.

My favorite part of the Unreal party? That the thoughts I put into my friends heads stuck with them... Two days later, one of the girls called me and said she was on the Unreal website, and couldn't believe what she was reading. She graciously thanked me for introducing her to Unreal, and that meant so much to me!


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