Wednesday, February 29, 2012

International Women's Day is COMING!

International Women's Day is coming!!

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Gotta love being a chick and embracing that is so important. The funny thing is, when I think about embracing being a woman, what comes to mind is a horrible tampon commercial that shows women doing all sorts of "active" kinds of things, and we all know what a joke those commercials are. Lets be real, celebrating our period is not something that most women do. But what should we do to celebrate our womenhood?

Empowerment as a woman is HUGE and sexual empowerment is even bigger in my eyes. There's something amazing about being comfortable with yourself and your own skin. Not letting others make you feel differently about yourself and loving who you are is an amazing thing.

EdenFantasys is focusing in March on being a super sexy you and loving who you are. They have such an extensive quantity of liberating, empowering, sexy, feel-good products that are simply perfect for bringing out the sexy side of you. Not just sex toys, but more sensual, indulgent and pampering products are available. Why not treat yourself for International Women's Day with a stress relieving, candle-lit bath? You can pick up all sorts of bath time products from Eden. Personally I love to feel good by wearing gorgeous lingerie underneath my clothes, its my own little way of telling me "I'm sexy."

You know what else is empowering? Saving money... While shopping, don't forget to check out the promotions and free gifts that EdenFantasys is offering! :)


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